Widgets of community apps

A widget is an information block generated by a community app. It can be made based on one of eight templates and contains content automatically filled in by the app. Widgets work on all VK platforms.

I’m a community manager. Can I create a widget myself?
No, widgets are created by community apps. To add them to your community, you need to install an app and find a button in it to enable a widget.

How do I disable the widget?
You need to remove the app or find the disable button in the app.

How do I change the widget?
Unfortunately, you can’t, unless there’s an option in the app that allows you to do so.

Where can I try it out?
There are various widget constructors in the app catalog:

Widgets are also available in the following apps:
vk.com/app5748831 Mailing
vk.com/app5671337 Tests
vk.com/app5727453 Charity
vk.com/app5708398 Applications
vk.com/app5619682 Questionnaires
vk.com/app5792770 Product store
vk.com/app5739272 Order Status
vk.com/app6183513 Quotes

I’m a developer. How do I create widgets?
You can find information about this in the documentation here: vk.com/dev/community_apps and vk.com/dev/apps_widgets.

You can find more information here: vk.com/blog/community_apps_news.

You can read about apps that help you create widgets here: vk.com/wall-59800369_80883 (for now only available in Russian).

Are there any restrictions for widgets?
It’s prohibited to place ads in the widgets: vk.com/wall-59800369_80925 (for now only available in Russian).
There is no technical capacity to add external links to widgets.
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