How do I reply to comments as a community?

When adding a comment, click your profile photo to the left of the input field and select the community that you need. You can comment as your community on posts and live streams.

Community creators, administrators and editors can leave comments as their community. If the community was created fairly recently, this feature will take some time to become available.

Please note that you canĺt comment as a private community because being invisible is the point of private communities. However, if an open or closed group left a comment and then was changed to private, its profile photo and name will remain visible.

How do I stop other communities from commenting in mine?
To stop other communities from commenting in your community, on the desktop version of the website, go to the Manage section, open Comments and select Do not allow comments from communities. This is also where you can enable keyword and profanity filters.

You can block specific communities instead of prohibiting all communities from commenting. To do this, delete a comment from that community and click Delete all community comments from the past 7 days. Then select Settings and enter the period for blocking, the reason, and a comment that will be visible to all administrators.

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