How do I raise funds for charity?

Communities in which charitable donations are made to the accounts of individuals must meet the requirements described below. Otherwise, the community can be blocked.

Documents to prepare
  • Identification documents of the people in need and their parents, if the person in question is underage (passport photos, birth certificates).
  • Identification documents of the person responsible for the fundraiser, if these funds are being collected to help animals on behalf of an individual.
  • Medical documents confirming a diagnosis and prescriptions (certificates, clinical reports).
  • Veterinary documents, if funds are being collected for the treatment of an animal.
  • Financial documents confirming the amount being collected (invoice for the amount to be collected).
  • Other documents confirming the fundraising objectives, if required.
Important! Identification documents donĺt have to be posted in the public domain. However, you should always be prepared to provide a photo of them to VK Support. We just need the part with your name and photo (you can cover up the series and number).

Rules for keeping financial records
  • To raise funds, you need to use a separate bank account in which there is no personal financial activity. This will help ensure the transparency of financial records.
  • Receipt of funds must be recorded in the community and confirmed by screenshots with electronic payment details and bank statements.
  • The funds must be spent strictly in accordance with the purpose of their collection.
  • All funds spent must be recorded in the community and confirmed by financial documents (receipts, invoices, delivery slips, etc.).

Make sure all documents are up to date and promptly post new ones. The document confirming the amount to be collected (invoice) must not be over 6 months old.

Charity communities must be open for the entire period of their activity.

Donĺt delete important documents and reports. We also recommend applying watermarks (translucent text with the communityĺs URL) on them. This will help protect the documents from being used for malicious purposes.

Your community must comply with the VK Terms of Service. Take a look at our article for advice on growing your community.

Remember that honest and comprehensive information about your fundraising will not only assist in finding financial support but will also bring community members together.

You can only post about fundraising to your profile if a community has been created that meets the aforementioned requirements.
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