How do I transfer community ownership?

A community owner can transfer ownership to another user. This is possible if the community has fewer than 500,000 followers.

To transfer ownership, open the community’s Manage section → MembersManagement. Click the Edit button under an administrator’s name and then Appoint as owner.

The previous owner has two weeks to cancel the transfer of ownership. If it’s not canceled, this transfer will be final.

The option for transferring ownership may not be available for any of the following reasons:
  • The person trying to transfer ownership isn’t the community’s owner.
  • The community has more than 500,000 followers.
  • Less than two weeks have passed since the last change of ownership.
  • There are signs that the owner’s account recently changed hands.
  • The user to whom ownership is being transferred doesn’t have 2-step verification enabled.

Remember that you bear the responsibility for any transfers of ownership, so you should be careful when doing this.

You can find more information about transfers of ownership in the articles here and here (only available in Russian).
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