How do I add a community cover?

The community's cover is the image at the top of its page. A quality image helps the community stand out and makes it unique.

You can add a community cover by going to ManageSettings. In the Main information section, find Cover and click Add. Upload a suitable image in the Main community cover block. You can upload a PNG, JPG or GIF file as the cover, as long as it has an aspect ratio of 3:1. Recommended resolution: Recommended dimensions: 1590§530px.

If you want to have a live cover, which is displayed on mobile devices, you can upload up to five videos or photos in the Community live cover block. Resolution: 1080§1920px (vertical images) or any with an aspect ratio of 9:16. Video: MP4 (codec H.264/AAC); 15-60 frames per second; up to 30 seconds; up to 20 ╠B in size.

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