My account was hacked!

Iĺm writing from the account in question

Since you have already restored access to your account, please change your password and follow our security recommendations described here: If you follow the recommendations, chances are you wonĺt get hacked again.

If anything is missing from your page, let us know. Weĺll help you restore everything except messages, which is technically impossible.

The account in question is another account that belongs to me or a friendĺs (relativeĺs) account.

First of all try restoring access to your account here:

If suspicious messages are being sent from an account (ads or requests for money), immediately
mark them as spam so that we can quickly deal with the scammer.

If the hacker is declining your requests or is doing anything else to stop you from restoring access, please contact us and include your account link. You can do this from another account that belongs to you or from a friendĺs account.

To avoid getting hacked again, we recommend linking your account to an up-to-date phone number.
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