How can I invite a user to a community?

You can invite your friends to join a community by using the Invite friends to join button. Keep in mind that it can be used in the initial stages of promoting a community. Don't get carried away with it, and only invite those who would find the community interesting.

Creators and managers of closed communities can invite others to join their community using invite links. To find the invite link or generate your own on the desktop version of the website, click Invite friends. When creating an invite link, you can set it to expire after some time and enter a limit on how many times it can be used.

In ManageMembers, you can view a list of all invite links and remove those you don't need. After an invite link is removed, it cannot be used to join a community.

Thereĺs no direct way to invite people to follow a public page. However, there's always the Share with friends button. Use it to create a post about the public page that'll show up in your friends' and followers' news feeds.
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