My community was hacked! What do I do?

Access to a community can only be gained through one of the administrators. The fact that someone hacked your community means that they had either gained access to one of your administrators’ accounts or convinced an administrator to allow them to manage the community. If it seems like one of the administrators was hacked, all the community managers need to change their account passwords as soon as possible.

If the hacker dismissed all administrators, it’s best to contact the person who owns the community. The owner always has rights to manage the community (even if they've left, they can easily rejoin), and they'll be able to put everything back in order.

In case there’s no way to contact the owner, and access to the community has been lost, contact Support, and we'll try to help you. Make sure to include the link to the community so that we can solve the situation faster.

It might be possible to restore content deleted by the hackers if it wasn’t deleted that long ago. Unfortunately, this can't always be done. Contact us if your community has been hacked, and we’ll do everything we can to help.
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