How can I delete a page I don't have access to?

We can help you here. To do so, your old page must have your real information by which we'll be able to tell that you're its owner.

Contact us to block your old profile. Don't forget to list what you remember about the page and confirm your identity by attaching two images:

1. Photo of your document (e.g., passport, driving license, birth certificate).

2. Photo of your face in front of your request (i.e. near the screen displaying your request).

We need this information to make sure that you're the real owner of the profile. If you attach irrelevant photos, it won't help us block the account.

If you want to delete the page you are contacting us from, you can do it on your own in Settings. You can still restore it within 210 days, as there is no way to delete a page immediately and forever.
Block old page
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