How can I attract new members to my community?

1. If it isn’t a business community, you can do the following:
  • Use the Invite friends or Share with friends button from the block on the right of the community’s page.
  • Ask your friends to share information about the community with their friends and followers.
  • Add a post in your community asking followers to invite their friends.

Interesting content is the foundation of success for any community. Find your niche, and people will come to you by word of mouth.

2. If you have a business community, you can do the following:
  • Place its widget on the company’s website.
  • Launch an ad on VK.
  • Arrange ads in other communities either by direct agreement or through the Market platform.
  • Run a contest or offer with valuable prizes.

{{Hider|What isn’t allowed?
 You should never:
  • Send personal messages to friends and strangers asking them to join your community.
  • Place links to your community and requests to join it in other communities and other people’s profiles.
  • Boost followers through questionable companies or specialists, especially if they can’t explain how it’s done.
  • Use software or services for boosting followers.

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