How do I set up and use products in communities?

Go to Manage → Sections → enable Products. After doing this, you can specify the delivery regions, currency, contact information and store description.

This block is only designed for communities engaged in selling goods. Communities of other purposes shouldn't enable this block, as this may lead to it being removed. The only exception is the sale of community merchandise.

You can select which button the user will see when they open the product card:
  • Contact seller opens a chat with a selected community manager.
  • Product link opens an external website (when using this option, you can select one of the suggested button names).

Alongside the current price, you can display the old price, which will be crossed out. To indicate the old price, open the product card on the desktop version → More → Edit → Add an old price. This field is empty by default and is optional.

The following is forbidden in the product section:
1. Products that drastically differ from the topic of the community.
A cycling community can't offer soft toys, unless they're part of the community's merchandise.

2. Links to third-party websites unrelated to the community.
For example, a page of inspirational quotes shouldn't have products with a link to a partner website that sells souvenirs.

Communities that promote products and services of users (flea markets, job markets, specialist search) are allowed to offer on-topic products with a link to the seller's profile.

3. Ads and advertising spaces.

Ads are only allowed on places designated for this, i.e., on the wall and in the Links block. Ads aren't a product or service and can't be offered in the Products block.

4. Products directly related to VK features and not products in their own right.

Invitations to closed groups, chats or offers of promotion, unless the community itself engages exclusively in promoting other communities, etc.

5. Products that violate the VK Terms or the law.

Rules for placing products.
Learn more about working with Products.

How do I use this section and set it up for my community?

The VK Products service is meant for everyone who does retail on VK. It allows you to post your products for free.

The service is available to all communities and pages regardless of the number of followers they have. It is accessible via the desktop and mobile versions of the website as well as on official iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile clients.

Rules of placement of products

Please note that this service is meant to only be used by communities that specialize in sales. It should not be enabled in communities that do not sell anything so that their products section can be leased to stores, be used to host advertisements or present the cost of advertisements or invitations to other communities. This could serve as a reason for the “Products” section to be closed. Selling community merchandise is an exception.

1. Products and services sold must comply with the following:
  • VK Terms of Service
  • Laws of the Russian Federation, in particular On Approval of the Rules for Sale of Goods by Remote Means and Law of the Russian Federation of https://07.02.1992 N 2300-1 “On Consumer Rights Protection”.
We respect rules and the law and expect the same from you.

2. Rules regarding payment, delivery, and product return must be specified in the community.
This helps your store build trust with customers and allows them to understand how they can receive their products or return them if something is wrong.

3. The organization’s/seller’s contact information (phone number/support email) must be specified in the community. Legal entities must specify their address.
Customers should have a way to contact the store.

4. Payment through SMS payments or subscriptions is forbidden.
Users will buy more if they do not have concerns about the payment option.

5. It is forbidden to distribute the following through VK Products:
https://5.1. Services connected with activity that has been forbidden by VK Administration, including those related to hacking pages, providing fake likes, followers, reposts or views, spam, selling votes, etc.; any programs or automated scripts meant to collect information on the Website and/or interact with the Website.
https://5.2. All medicines, medical products and technology, medical equipment, medical services or any entity providing services of a medical nature.
Such activity should not be conducted remotely and without consultation from a specialist.
https://5.3. Any services related to psychics, healers, clairvoyants, fortune tellers, “black” or “white” magic.
Activity which misleads users is prohibited on our website.
https://5.4. Any alcoholic [1] (including beer) or tobacco products [2], smoking paraphernalia (including electronic cigarettes) [3], and services from companies that produce such products.
https://5.5. Intimacy trainings, strip clubs, erotic massages, potency-boosting supplements and other related supplements, escort services, etc.
https://5.6. Anabolic steroids, other substances and specialized edible products, including dietary supplements, designed to affect the growth of muscles in a manner similar to steroids.
https://5.7. Weapons (military and civilian), including self-defense, sport, hunting, and signal weapons.
https://5.8. Pornographic material.
https://5.9. “Digital drugs” and smoking blends, bath salts, poppers, laughing gas and any psychoactive substances.
https://5.10. Webcam studio services and other services related to providing video chats for intimate purposes.
https://5.11. Debt collection services.
https://5.12. Products that drastically differ from the theme of the community.
Example 1: A cycling community cannot offer sell soft toys unless the toys themselves are their branded products.
Example 2: Communities with a construction theme can offer a selection of tools for users to buy.
https://5.13. Links to third-party websites unrelated to the product.
You should not trick users by taking them to a third-party website that has nothing to do with the product.
https://5.14. Ads and places for ads in your community.
Ads are not a product or service that can be sold on a page and cannot be offered through the Products service. The only exception is if your community specializes in such services.

6. VK Administration holds the right to delete a product card in the Products section of a community or disable the Products section of a community in the event of any violation by the user of one or several provisions of the Terms of Service and/or in the event that a product does not comply with the policies, views and beliefs of VK Administration. [5]


[1] - Undenatured ethyl alcohol, alcoholic beverages (including vodka), wine (including natural wine); beer and other fermented beverages, and other low-alcohol beverages.
[2] - Tobacco, raw material intended for the production of tobacco products, tobacco products in general, and various types of tobacco products, including smokable products (cigarettes, cigars, cigarellos, paparosi, shisha, smoking tobacco, including loose tobacco, strong tobacco/makhorka, pipe tobacco, beedi, kretek) and non-smokable products (snus, chewing tobacco, snuff, naswar), and other tobacco products and various ingredients of tobacco products.
[3] - Smoking paraphernalia, including electronic cigarettes, pipes, waterpipes; non-tobacco substances that bear the resemblance of tobacco manufacturer-defined characteristics, features and shapes (any and all types of cigarette paper or tubes, brown paper for filters, filtering materials, glue, ink, wrapping materials for portioning snus).
[4] - Placing adult products (intimate products, contraceptives) is allowed if the community has an age restriction of 18+ and the community specializes in selling adult products.
[5] - inter alia: in cases where unverified, suspicious products, works or services are offered; goods and services that, in the personal opinion of VK Administration, could potentially violate rights or harm or threaten the safety of users or third parties.


The Products section can be disabled if it is used for anything other than its intended purpose. If the Products section has disappeared from your community, please contact us.

Setting up

To use the Products section in your community, go to “Manage” → “Sections” and check the box near “Products”.

We advise you to include the following important information, which will be listed on all of your product cards:
  • Delivery regions. You can list several counties, or just one and specific regions within it.
  • Shop currency. You can choose the Russian ruble, Belorussian ruble, Ukrainian hryvnia, Kazakhstani tenge, euro, and the US dollar.
  • Contact information. You should list which VK page you will accept orders through. This can be any community manager’s page. Alternatively, community messages can be used to accept orders.
  • Shop description: a wiki page with additional information about your shop, payment and delivery options, and other important information. A link to the page will be added to every product automatically.

You can enable and disable the ability to leave comments on products.
After saving your changes, the Products block will appear on your community’s page.

Product collections

You can categorize your products using a system of customizable collections. With it, you can set up product categories on your own and group similar ones in your community. To create a new collection, click on the “Create collection” button in the upper right corner of the Products section. You will need to name the collection and upload a cover photo.

There are three ways to add a new product to a collection:
  • Create a new product on the collection’s page
  • Specify the collection when creating the product (the input field will appear if at least one collection already exists)
  • Specify the collection when editing the product

Using the product editing mode, you can freely move products from one collection to another. A single product can be in up to 10 collections at the same time.

Working with products (managers)

By default, only the last 3 products added are shown on the main page of the community.

However, you can specify which products you want to be shown there. To do this, make one of the collections the main one by checking the box near “Main community collection” when adding or editing it. Then add three products to this collection

You can edit any product after it is created. To do so, open the products block, hover the cursor over the product miniature and click on the pencil icon. You can change the product order by simply dragging them.

To draw the attention of potential customers to one of your products, you can post it on the wall of a shopping community or another one of your communities. To do so, click the share button on the product card and choose a community to send it to. Alternatively, you attach it to a post by hovering your cursor over “More” when creating a new post and then clicking “Product”, or by adding the product’s link to the post’s text. That way, the product card will be automatically attached to the post.

You can share the product card with your friends and followers in the same way, or you can send it in messages. Do not abuse this feature, however: on VK, it is forbidden to create mass mailings of messages that can be considered spam. All likes to posts with products will be counted as likes to the product itself.

Only one product or product collection can be attached to a post. To attach a product collection, add the link to it to the post text.

If a product is temporarily out of stock, you can mark it as unavailable. Such products disappear from the products section and are added to the “Unavailable” tab that is only visible to community managers and editors. To mark a product as unavailable, go to edit the product and check the box near “It’s unavailable”.

A product’s old price can be listed along with the new one. They will be shown next to each other with the old price crossed out. To include the old price, open the product’s card on the desktop version of the website and fill in the “Old price” field. By default, this field is empty and optional.

You can temporarily turn off the Products service in community settings. Product cards will not be deleted, and if a user opens any of them via a link, it will be listed as unavailable. It will also be impossible to contact the seller. You can return the products back in place at any time by turning the Product section back on in community settings.

Working with products (users)

Users will be able to search for products by name and description. It’s possible to order by price and newness by clicking the “Parameters” button.

You can list which type of link will be available to the user when he opens the product. There are two options: the first sends the user to a chat with the seller (the manager listed as the seller), the other links to a third-party website. It can be set up via community settings. “Products” → “Button type”. If you select “Product link” as the button type, you can change the button name to the available options.

Likes in product cards are not only a way to express approval. All liked products are placed in the “Products” tab in “Bookmarks” as well as “Liked” tab in the news feed. The full functionality of sharing is also available to users. When an interested customer clicks the “Contact seller” button, the window to create a new message to the seller or community will appear, depending on your community settings. For your convenience, each message will automatically contain a link to the product the user is writing about.

Automating products management
You can use special VK API methods to mass upload and edit products. Learn more about them using the documentation:
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