I'm being blackmailed! What can I do?

Contact Support with a link to the account of the person blackmailing you. Before doing this, you need to mark all the messages with blackmail as spam, so we can investigate the situation. If the messages were deleted, but you have screenshots of them, attach these to your message to Support.

To mark as spam, click the messages and press the crossed-out circle at the top of the chat.

You can get the link to the blackmailer's account by opening their profile and copying the URL from the browser's address bar.

The only way we can help is by blocking the blackmailer's account. You must understand that their threats may not be limited to our platform. Any photos, videos or messages that are being used as blackmail might be saved by the person threatening you, in which case we're unable to do anything.

To be completely protected in such situations, you should contact the authorities. Russian residents can do this online here. Blackmail is a serious crime.
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