VK Live Text Feeds

Live text feeds are a tool for conducting text live streams of conferences, sports matches, lectures and other events. All communities will be able to use this feature soon.

A community owner, administrator or editor can start a live text feed on the mobile app. To do this, tap the live text feed button next to the button for creating stories and clips. Any community manager can continue the live text feed on the desktop version of the website.

To create a live text feed, enter its name, add a cover and select whether or not to display the names of the post creators. Add the first post and tap Launch live text feed. After this, all community followers will get a notification in the bell.

A post can include a short text (up to about 500 characters), as well as polls, photos, videos and links. You can highlight a post by tapping Important post before adding it. If you do this, everyone following the live text feed will get a notification.

Any post from a live text feed can be added to the communityĺs wall. To do this, tap Post in the live text feedĺs post. You can edit a post, delete it or pin it at the top of the live text feed.

The number of readers, likes, reposts and views of each post is displayed on the screen of the live text feed.

To end a live text feed, go to the menu in the top right corner of the live text feed window on the mobile app. All content from the live text feed will remain available and can be accessed at any time.
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