Renewing verification

Profiles and communities whose requests for verification have been approved receive a check mark for one year. After this time, verification is lost. To get it back, you must request another review, during which we make sure that all documents are up-to-date, the quality of the profiles and communities is in order, the VK Terms of Service are not being violated and the verification criteria are being met.

How is verification renewed?

Two weeks before your verification is due to expire, you will receive a notification about needing to reconfirm your status. On the desktop version, open Settings for profiles or Manage for communities and click the link next to Verification. You will be taken to your old request, to which you can upload new documents and update the information.

You aren’t required to send the whole list of documents again. All we need is to be sure that your profile or community is still active and not violating any terms, and that your work is as active as before. If you haven’t been posting anything recently, you should add more content before sending the request. Our moderators review requests in the order they’re received and then make a decision. If there is anything to add or correct, we’ll let you know. If your request is denied, this means that we’re not ready to renew your verification, but you can send another request again at a later time.

The current verification will be valid until the date it is set to expire, even if the request for renewal is still being reviewed, is waiting to be extended, or is denied.
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