My community received a strike from Nemesis. Will it be blocked?

No. Even if your community has received multiple strikes, this isn't a reason for it to be blocked.

When deciding on the punishment, only active strikes are taken into account.

A strike is good for nine days, during the first two of which it can be appealed. After this, the strike is put into force. A strike remains active for a week, after which it's automatically canceled.

There are three levels of punishment depending on the number of active strikes:

Level 1 (5 strikes): removal from Recommendations, reducing the amount your reposts are shown
Level 2 (10 strikes): Level 1 punishment plus removal from the VK Ad Network
Level 3 (15 strikes): Level 2 punishment, removal from the Market platform, plus ban from posting links

Punishment lasts for a week. After seven days, all restrictions are lifted.
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